Saturday, September 22, 2007

Undergraduate Mathematics

Course Objective
The purpose of this course is to present the basics of calculus. The course intends to cover all material that will set the background for understanding mathematical economics. The course material also focuses on the development of the tools and background necessary for your other field courses.
Course Organization
1) We will gain familiarity with preliminaries of basic calculus.
2) We will explore applications of mathematical tools.
*Class participation is integral to the course. Review your notes before class, and bring your questions for discussion.
Homework and Exams
Exams presume a thorough knowledge of the assignments given in class throughout the semester, as well as the end-of-chapter problems in your textbook. Ongoing study groups are highly recommended.
Course Resources
This class will use the discussion group for the syllabus, lecture notes, homework, and discussions. Therefore, you must subscribe to the group. All students are expected to monitor their course email, which may contain homework problems and reading assignments. All students are expected to adhere to basic email etiquette be respectful, quote appropriately, and put your name and last name.
Course Prerequisites
*A very solid basis in precalculus mathematics (algebra, geometry, and trigonometry) is a must. I also consider a commitment to upholding the academic integrity rules to be prerequisite to participation in this course.
Grading will be based on a midterm exam (30 percent), and a cumulative final exam (70 percent). I will add 20 percent extra credit (10 percent in midterm and 10 percent in final exam) for assignments and the end-of-chapter problems in your textbook.
Robert A. Adams, 2006, Calculus: A Complete Course 6th Edition, Addision- Wesley, Toronto.
Michael W. Klein, 2002, Mathematical Methods for Economics, Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Boston.
-Sequences, Series, and Power Series
-Matrix Calculations
-Partial Differentiation
-Ordinary Differential Equations

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